Family Guy Parody of Harry Potter - "Stewie Potter" Episode 1

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  • Uploaded 2 years ago in the category Animations

    Stewie and Brian's latest adventure takes them to everyone's favorite School of Magic - Hogwarts!


    I'm a HUGE fan of Family Guy and dreamt of being a staff writer for them since high school! I'm hoping they see this video and want nothing more than to offer me a job (after issuing a cease and desist, ha).

    I wrote, drew all character and location art, animated, voiced all the characters (except Meg), and composed all of the music (fusing Family Guy and Harry Potter).

    I created everything from scratch.

    There WILL be an EPISODE 2 for Diagon Alley, but Quirky Kid will first publish an Episode 1 of a couple more on-going stories FIRST.

    So, PLEASE be patient, and please SUBSCRIBE so you can be notified when the next one comes out.

    Thank you so much for watching! Hope you enjoyed it.

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