Do You See That Doggie In The Shelter?

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    How much is that Doggie in the Window? That was the late Patti Page’s question when she sang “Doggie in the Window” in 1953.

    Today, we know the answer.

    Too much.

    These days, most pet shops buy their doggies from puppy mills, which are known to exploit and neglect the animals under their care.

    That’s why Patti Page changed her tune in 2008.

    And why it’s time we did the same.

    Instead of asking, “How much is that doggie in the window?” let’s start to sing, “Do you see that doggie in the shelter?” So one day, our children will no longer sing about the pet shops , but for the millions of homeless doggies waiting for their forever home.

    And puppy mills will be a thing of the past.

    Find out more about the doggies and kitties in the video at .
    Or better still, come meet them in real life at our shelter – yes, they’re real!

    Join us for the launch of 'Do you see that doggie in the shelter?' at our World Animal Day celebrations this year and meet some of the wonderful adoptables who have inspired this video.

    To find out more about World Animal Day 2015 please visit and RSVP to our event here:

    Lyrics by Patti Page, Sandy Brokaw and Chris Gantry
    Pictures by Sid Lim and Vernnie Chong
    Performed by Weish

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