John Legend - All Of Me (Dog Parody) - All Of Meat

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    John Legend's "All Of Me" covered by a dog, who wants "All Of Meat" because he likes eating meat
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    John Legend's "All Of Me" is appropriate for dogs too, especially when they find some meat left on the counter.

    "All of Meat" Lyrics

    What would I do without your moist beef?
    Tender, bone-in, and you in my teeth
    You got me slobbering, no kidding, I can taste you now
    What's going on, are you medium-rare?
    I'm down for a magical meat affair
    And I'm so hungry, don't know what "no" means, but I'll be a good boy

    My mouth's making water
    But I'm seeing fine
    You're prime cut, and I'm out of my mind

    Cause all of meat
    I would love to chew
    Love your chuck, and rib and brisket
    Even your shank and flank, I'll take it
    Give me all your meat
    I'll give my gnaw to you
    From your tongue down to your trimmings
    Even your bones that get me digging
    Cause I could eat all of meat
    If you give me all to chew, oh

    Give me all to chew
    Meat's on the counter, we're both hickory smoked
    Meat and potatoes, potato is me

    I could eat all of meat
    If you give me all to chew, oh

    Special Thanks to Florcita Alvarez-Galoosian and Roobik Galoosian!

    Producer: Gabe Evans
    Associate Producer: Chad Hursa
    John Legend: Buddy The Dog
    Meat: Scott Kelley
    Music: Alex Collister
    Costuming: Gabe Evans

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