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    Don't confuse these little Chow Chow puppies with Golden bear cubs!
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    Chow Chow Facts
    1) Chow Chow's are an ancient breed thought to have originated in Northern China.

    2) All Chow Chow's have a bluish-black tongue.

    1) Chow Chow's can over-heat easily because of their thick coat so be sure to limit exercise and keep your dog hydrated when the weather is warm.
    4) Chow Chow's are very loyal dogs and can be leery of strangers.

    5) It's important to keep your Chow Chow well brushed to avoid tangles and matting.

    Special thanks to Javier Alatriste Of Alatriste Chows
    For more information please email [email protected]

    Producer: Gabe Evans
    Associate Producer: Faris Jaclyn
    Associate Producer: Anna Dean

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