Pet vs Pet Rap Battle Tournament Round 2 / Pitbull vs. Saint Bernard (FO REALZ)

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  • Uploaded 2 years ago in the category Pets

    It's Round 2, Day 1 of the Pet vs.

    Pet Rap Battle Tournament.
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    Saint Bernard vs.


    Whoever wins this goes to the Championship!

    Vote below!!!!

    Stay tuned next week for Round 2 Day 2 featuring the battle of Husky vs.

    Border Collie!

    Segment Producer: Nick Fabiano

    Associate Producer: Matt Pagourgis

    Written By: Ben Stumpf, Liam Sullivan & Matt Pagourgis

    Performer: Liam Sullivan (Tom Bullworth, St.

    Bernard) & Ben Stumpf (Jim Shephard, Pitbull)

    Edited/Animated By: Nick Fabiano, Josh Abramoff, and Liam Sullivan

    Composer - Antonio Pontarelli

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