25 Adorable Spiders That Are Not As Scary As You Think

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    Few people say they like spiders.

    These little creatures are usually characterized by terms like “disgusting”, “detestable” or “revolting” but in fact, the bad reputation is entirely undeserved.

    Most spiders are not dangerous to humans at all.

    Indeed, many are beneficial because they eat other pests in our homes and gardens.

    If we still have not succeeded in convincing you to stop hating these little guys, these 25 adorable spiders will show you that even spiders can be cute, or at least, interesting.


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    Here's a preview of what awaits:

    Regal jumping spider
    Eight-spotted crab spider
    Sequined spider
    Wide – jawed viciria
    Australian garden orb weaver
    Long-horned orb-weaver
    Ant – mimic jumping spider
    Tree stump spider
    Ogre – faced spider
    Peacock spider
    Heavy jumping spider
    Trapdoor spider
    Red-backed jumping spider
    Ladybug mimic spider
    Writing spider
    Green jumping spider
    Goliath bird eating spider
    Wasp spider
    Arrowhead spider
    Himalayan jumping spider
    Diving bell spider
    Smiling spider
    Spiny orb weaver
    Bird dung crab spider
    Elegant golden jumping spider

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