SPIDER ELSA CAPTURES Joker & Venom for Trying to Escape w/ Spiderman, Minnie Mouse & Batman

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    SPIDER ELSA CAPTURES Joker & Venom for Trying to Escape w/ Spiderman, Minnie Mouse & Batman

    Venom is sitting in jail when he sees Joker being hauled in by Spiderman.

    He laughs at Joker's misfortune as Spiderman tells them he'll be watching them and leaves.

    Spiderman sees Elsa relaxing on the couch and turns on the TV to see Joker and Venom still in jail.

    Spiderman then asks Elsa to watch the convicts while he takes a nap.

    Meanwhile, Joker has a wand hidden away and takes it out to show Venom.

    While trying to demonstrate the wand's powers, Joker accidentally makes his own coat disappear.

    Venom suddenly gets an idea and takes the wand away from Joker, making him a bit angry.

    Venom then convinces Joker to let him borrow the wand.

    Firstly, Venom returns Joker's jacket, and then proceeds to use it again to make the jail door disappear.

    As all of this is happening, Elsa is watching and panicking while trying to wake Spiderman up.

    Elsa realizes she can't wake Spiderman up and decides to take matters into her own hands.

    She finds a spare Spiderman suit and dresses up as Elsa!

    Joker and Venom are on the lam and are getting as far away as they can from the jail, but Elsa is right behind them.

    The partners in crime decide to split up at a fork in the road so they have a better chance at getting away.

    Elsa decides to follow Joker and sees him as he runs across some pipes.

    Joker then finds a hiding spot at the very top of a ladder.

    He's certain no one's around and decides to climb to the highest rung.

    Unfortunately for him, Elsa can easily see him from far away and apprehends him.

    Joker begs for mercy as Elsa takes a rope and lassos him.

    His hiding spot becomes his worst enemy in an instant as Elsa begins tying him to the ladder.

    Meanwhile, Venom is trying to find his own hiding spot.

    He manages to find a large sign that will block him from view and jumps behind it.

    Elsa finishes tying up Joker, and karate chops him to make sure he's unconscious and won't escape before searching for Venom.

    After only searching for a short time, Elsa is easily able to spot Venom's legs as he hides behind the sign giggling.

    She then sneaks up on him and karate chops him to in attempt to apprehend him.

    He tries to fight as Elsa takes Venom to retrieve Joker and put them back in jail together.

    During all of the chaos, Spiderman wakes up from his nap and notices that the jail in gone! Elsa finishes wrangling Venom and Joker and confiscates their wand before throwing them back in their rightful place in jail.

    Elsa returns the extra Spiderman suit before heading back to the couch where she tells Spiderman about her adventure, and they continue watching their prisoners.

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