Black Widow Spider Hunt Under my House: Black Widow, Brown Recluse, and False Widow

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    Black Widow Spider Hunt Under my House: Black Widow, Brown Recluse, and False Widow

    So today we are finally going under the house to look for the main black widow nest.

    I was suited up to protect myself from spiders, as well as from all of the bug poisons we’ve sprayed under there.

    Although I did not find a giant black widow nest, I did find a few strange and scary things under the house.

    And by strange and scary things, I mean strange and scary spiders! Today’s spider count is:
    One small black widow
    One medium sized brown recluse
    One small false widow
    One smaller sized giant house spider

    I wonder what I should do with all these spiders?

    WARNING!!! Poisonous spiders are in my house! If you are afraid of spiders, DO NOT WATCH this video.

    Never Flush Spiders Down the Toilet; Black Widow Spiders:

    Black Widow Killer:

    Deadly Black Widow Spiders Infest House and Eat my Pizza:
    There are black widow spiders everywhere in my house, and today one of them attacked some pizza I was eating.

    Giant House Spiders around my house videos:

    False Widow Spider in my house video:

    Learn more about Western Black Widow spiders here:

    False Widow Spider:
    From Wiki:
    These usually dark spiders have in most species a white line around the anterior back, in addition to other lines or spots

    Giant House Spider:

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