Man catches massive spider bigger than his hand as it crawls up his wall [VIDEO]

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    Terrifying video shows a fearless man cornering a GIANT spider and removing it from a wall as the eight-legged creature wriggles in his hand and tries to get away
    Fearless: The man points out the creature as it moves around on a wall presumably inside his house
    Man approaches the huge spider and holds his two hands either side of it
    He then slowly encourages the creature to move onto the back of his hand
    Once secured he moves hand away as spider wriggles in a bid to escape
    Fearless man then transfers eight-legged creepy crawlie to a plastic box

    This is the moment a man with nerves of steel demonstrates how to catch a huge spider without causing injury to himself or the eight-legged creature.
    The video, was captured in Brazil and is sure to make the hair stand up on the necks of arachnophobes around the world.
    The footage shows the man pointing out the large and furry creature as it moves around on a wall presumably inside his house.

    Without even considering what he is about to do - the stuff of nightmares for many people - he then reaches out and places his hands either side of the creature.
    Unlike other videos where people attempt to trap spiders with speed, only to miss and then see the creature scuttle away, the man works slowly and calmly.
    He moves his hands increasingly closer to the spider without making any sudden movements before touching one of its many legs with his fingers.

    The man seems to know exactly what he is doing - given the fact the creature does not run away - as he applies a small amount of pressure and causes the spider to wriggle.
    Without pulling his arms away he then keeps his right hand in front of the spider as it starts to walk towards him and takes a step onto his fingers.

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