Top 10 Most Venomous and Deadly Spiders in the World

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    The Top 10 Most Venomous Spiders

    Number 10: Chinese Bird Spider

    The Chinese bird spider is a large spider that feeds on cockroaches and small rodents.

    It is found in China and Vietnam.

    The venom of a Chinese bird spider contains neurotoxins which causes temporary immobility and sometimes even permanent nerve damage.

    Number 9: Yellow Sac Spider

    .25 to .5 inches spider that leaves sacs instead of webs.

    They spin long silky sacs for their young.

    The yellow sac spider eats anything it can including small rodents and even its own young.

    The venom of a yellow sac spider can cause tissue damage and can cause necrosis.

    Number 8: Fringed Ornamental Tarantula

    The fringed ornamental tarantula can grow to over 10 in in length when it is stretched out.

    It is dark in color and found in the forests of India.

    It catches its prey without the use of its web.

    It is very, very quick.

    The toxin from this spider can cause a person to fall into a coma.

    Number 7: Hobo Spider

    The hobo spider is an extremely common spider, found in all parts of the world.

    It is poisonous but not nearly as poisonous as the others on this list.

    It finds its way to the #7 spot due to the chances of being bit by the hobo spider is greater than any other spider as its so common.

    Number 6: Sydney Funnel Web

    Since the antivenom for the Sydney Funnel Web was introduced in 1981 there have been no deaths attributed to the Sydney Funnel Web spider.

    It is a vicious, fearless spider that will attack its victim instead of trying to hide.

    The spider will hold on tightly to its victim and plunge its razor sharp fangs into the skin, injecting the potent neurotoxic poison.

    It can grow up to 3 in in length.

    Number 5: Six-Eyed Sand Spider

    The Sand Spider crawls its way to the #5 position.

    It is called a sand spider due to its ability to camouflage itself in the desert.

    It will bury itself in the sand and wait for its prey.

    The venom of a sand spider can kill a small deer within a few hours.

    Number 4: The Chilean Recluse
    The recluse can live for 6 mos without food or water.

    It also has one less pair of eyes than you need.

    It has a pair of very sharp fangs that deliver a voracious bite.

    The wound will expand and turn a deep red.

    Antivenom doesn’t always help with this bite and people have been killed.

    Number 3: The Brown Widow

    The Brown Widow spider is recognized by red dots located on the spider’s stomach.

    It’s a fast and aggressive spider.

    The males are always smaller than the females.

    The brown widow is found in tropical climates.

    Number 2: The Black Widow

    The Black Widow is easily identified by a red oblong shape on its stomach.

    It is fast and aggressive.

    There were many deaths documented prior to the introduction of the antivenom.

    They are found all the over the world but they especially thrive in warmer climates.

    Number 1:

    The #1 Most Venomous Spider in the world is the brazilian wandering spider.

    Its a very large (when it spreads out it is approx.

    7 in!) and very aggressive spider.

    It will strike its victim many times in a row.

    Luckily an antivenom does exist, however, every year this spider will cause a few fatal attacks in mostly the elderly and children.

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