5 Crazy Looking Spiders

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    5 Crazy Looking Spiders.

    The spiders in this list all look CRAZY! Spiders are awesome animals and this list singles out some crazy looking ones!


    Portia Spider

    The Portia spider is a jumping spider which feeds on other spiders.

    They are believed to be very adaptable and very smart.

    Portias have a large pair of eyes in front of their heads and 3 smaller pairs of eyes arranged in 3 rows behind the front eyes.

    The 3 rows of eyes are located along the top of their heads.


    "Bird Poop" Crab Spider

    This spider looks like a mix between bird excrement and a crab.

    It is definitely "designed" to look like poop because it even smells like poop! It is very effective in 2 ways.

    It keeps away possible predators and attracts smaller 'poop eating insects' that the spider loves to feast on.


    Assassin Spider

    What might explain this spiders special look is the fact that it has been around since dinosaurs walked the earth.

    They have evolved elongated jaws and necks for catching other spiders.

    Spiders are truly evil; this the second 'cannibal' on the list...


    Happy Face Spider

    Nananana Makaki'i.

    Only to be found in Hawaii as far as we know.

    No wonder it's always smiling, we would also be smiling all day if we were in Hawaii.

    Most of the species have happy faces, some have frowning or screaming faces.

    Sadly enough it is endangered even though it is not harmful to humans in any way.


    Peacock spider

    We are stretching it a little bit here but it's another spectacular species of jumping spider.

    If you look at the pictures, it is not hard to figure out why they are called peacock spiders.

    The red, blue and black colored males have flap-like extensions of the abdomen with white hairs that can be folded down.

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