Happy Faced Spiders

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    Weird looking spider! Theridion grallator or the Happy Face Spider is a tiny specimen found in Hawaii.

    Not deadly, these spiders are harmless to humans and scientists believe it evolved the patterns to confuse its predators or maybe just to bring a smile to their face.

    When Bobby Mcferrin sang the song don't worry be happy, there was a spindly leg spider in Hawaii who was listening.

    The spider's name derives from the the uncanny resemblance to a smiley face or clown face on the abdomens of their yellow body.

    Every spider has a unique pattern with patterns differing from island to island, and some spiders lack any markings at all.

    This delightful species can only be found living under leaves in the rainforests of Hawaii.

    Due to human importation of animals and plants, Hawaii's fauna is being threatened, and the spider has become a symbol of all of Hawaii's threatened wildlife.

    You will find their image on t-shirts , hats and post cards anywhere you go on the islands.

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