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    Learn How To Improve Your Tennis Game


    Learn How To Improve Your Tennis Game
    Are you talking about the "quick start" tennis program? I just recently talked with a teaching pro who was explaining how this program was designed.

    Sounds like a great idea.

    As far as the game of tennis, I wish that we would see more serve and volley strategies being used.

    I know with the technology of the new racquets the game has sped up quite a bit, so I guess that is just a dream.
    Learn How To Improve Your Tennis Game,
    What I found out last summer is the kids learned the most by playing games and helping each other.

    Try not to let anyone stand with out having a job.

    Have them feed balls, chase down balls, instruct one another, count, create games.

    Give quick instructions and them let them go.

    Insert instructions while they are working/playing on a skill.

    Games were the carrot.
    Also, the QuickStart program as currently structured is a great basis for growing tennis at the grassroots level, but it is missing the fundamental component of correct techniques necessary to allow children (and adults for that matter) to quickly learn to play and enjoy tennis and stay in the game.

    Oscar Wegner is currently in production of a new DVD which will incorporate the structure of QuickStart with his Modern Tennis Methodology, giving players, parents and coaches the data that makes tennis an easy sport to learn, enjoy and master.

    If you would like to follow this topic please visit Oscar's forum here on TW.

    Learn How To Improve Your Tennis Game.
    Britain had for at least the last 10 years made a lot of investment in mini-tennis, using mini-tennis Red equipment for the younger players age up to around eight, Orange till around age 9 and Green till around age 10.

    Common sense though usually prevailed in terms of which type of equipment children used.Learn How To Improve Your Tennis Game

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