Eat Molotov! Lionheart vs Mr Dazzling (episode 2)

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    Group 2 Match 1: Mr Dazzling (Daz Black) Vs Lionheart (Lionheartx10)

    Mr Dazzling faces off against Lionheart in the first Group 2 match.

    Who will snatch the first star in group 2? Shout out to your favourite challenger in the comments!

    Round Timecodes
    Round 1 – The Last of us: Remastered Edition: (0:59)
    Round 2 – Mario Kart (6:45)
    Round 3 - ??? (9:26)

    Welcome to the Legends of Gaming! The ultimate gaming tournament, where eight challengers are split into two groups, to battle it out 1 vs 1.

    The winner of each match earns a star, with the two top players proceeding to a semi-final grudge match which will determine who is the Legend of Gaming.

    Eight gaming legends are split into two groups, and battle it out 1 vs 1.

    The winner of each match will earn a star, with the top two players from each group proceeding to the semi-final.

    Let the games begin!

    Ali-A -

    The Gentleman (CreepsMcPasta) -
    Lionheart (lionheartx10) -

    Dazzling (Dazblackgames) -
    The Wolf (mrdavetherave411) -
    The Scotsman (bigMooney06) -
    Wildfire (Jake from TWiiNSANE) -
    Icestorm (Liam from TWiiNSANE) -
    Lightning Bear (BennyCentral) -

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