IRL Rage Quit! Lightning Bear vs Wildfire (SEMI FINAL)

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  • Uploaded 2 years ago in the category Gaming

    It's the last of the SEMI-FINAL rounds and Lightning Bear (BennyCentral) faces off with Wildfire (TWiiNSANE) in an epic match.

    Who will be victorious and face off with The Wolf in the penultimate final?

    Round 1 - 0:47
    Round 2 - 4:31
    ??? - 6:21

    Ali-A -
    The Legends:
    The Gentleman (CreepsMcPasta) -
    Lionheart (lionheartx10) -

    Dazzling (Dazblackgames) -
    The Wolf (mrdavetherave411) -
    The Scotsman (bigMooney06) -
    Wildfire (Jake from TWiiNSANE) -
    Icestorm (Liam from TWiiNSANE) -
    Lightning Bear (BennyCentral) -

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