How much will Chelsea pay for Barkley?
The Blues have been trying to sign the player for a long time, but failed to do so. The playerโ€™s agent has already said that Chelsea will not pay the full price for the player, but it is still unclear how much the club will pay for him.
In order to get an idea of the price the club is willing to pay for the winger, it is necessary to take into account that the player has already played for the team for almost a year. The club is ready to pay the price for a player who can help them win the title.
Will the Blues make a deal with the player?
The club has already made a number of transfers this offseason, and it is clear that it will not stop there. It is worth noting that the club has also signed a number players who are not ready for the level of the team. For this reason, it will be extremely difficult for the club to sign a player of the level that the Blues want.
However, the club does not have a long bench, so it is possible that the players who have already played with the team will be able to help the club in the future.
The team will play with the players that it already has, so the club can easily find a suitable player for the position.
What are the main problems of the club?
It is worth considering that the team is not very strong at the defensive position, so there are a number problems that the coach has to solve. The main problem of the Blues is the lack of motivation, which is one of the main reasons for the failure of the previous season.
It has already been said that the management has a long list of players who can be used in the defense, and the club should not wait for the right time to make a transfer.
Who will be the main candidates for the defense positions?
There are a lot of players that the coaching staff can use in the defensive positions. The list of candidates for this position includes:
* Lukaku;
* Gomes;
* Zoumou;
* Ndombele;
* Matic.

It should be noted that the list of potential candidates is not limited to this, and there are also a number that the staff can consider for the positions of the forwards.
How will the club try to solve the problem of lack of energy in the team? It is clear now that the problem will not be solved in the next season, so Chelsea will have to find a solution for it.
Do you think that the current season will be remembered as a failure for the Blues? Yes, it was a failure, but the team has a lot to show in the new season, and this is what the fans are looking forward to.
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Current Season of the Champions Cup
The Champions Cup is another tournament that has become very popular. This tournament is a competition that is played every year, and is held between the top teams of the world, and they are the following:
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