Will Chelsea make a move for Aubameyang in January?
The French player has been in the news for a long time, but the current season has already shown that he is not the only player who can be a star of the team. The Blues have a lot of options, but they need to choose the right one.
The main goal of the club is to win the Champions League, but it is also necessary to win other trophies. The team has already managed to do it, but now it is necessary to strengthen the positions of the main stars.
Chelsea’s main options for the next season
The team has several options for strengthening the positions in the next campaign.
1. Midfield
The club has already strengthened its midfield, so it is possible to make some changes in the summer. The most obvious one is the signing of Eden Hazard. The Belgian is one of the best players in the world, and the Blues have been searching for a new midfielder for a while now.
Another player who could be a good alternative for the Belgian is Willian. The Brazilian is a good player, but he needs to improve his game.
2. Mid field
The other positions of Chelsea are also very important. The club has a number of options for this, so they can choose the best one. The main ones are:
* Ashley Cole;
* Willian;
3. Attack
This is the most important position of the Blues, because it is the position where the team has the most chances of winning the Champions Cup.
In order to strengthen it, the club has to make a number changes in its lineup.
Will the Blues make a transfer in January, and if so, who will they choose?
The transfer window is coming to an end, and it is time to think about the future of the players. The following players should be considered for the transfer:
1 Eden Hazard;
2 Willian, and;
4 Ashley.
All of them have a high potential, but only one of them will be able to become a star.
Who will be the main contenders for the title in the new season?
There are several teams that are ready to fight for the champion title. Chelsea is one such team, and they have already managed it. The players of the squad of the London club are: Eden Hazard, Willian and Ashley Cole.
Each of them has his own advantages and disadvantages, but all of them are able to win gold medals.
Where can we see the most interesting matches of the season?
The new season of the Champions’ League has already begun, and many interesting matches have already been held. The fans can see the results of the matches on the website of sports statistics.
These are the most popular matches of this season:
• Real Madrid vs. Barcelona;
• Juventus vs. Manchester United;
· Liverpool vs. Arsenal;
These matches are not only interesting for the fans, but also for professionals.

Will Chelsea be able not only to win, but to do so in the most prestigious club tournament of the Old Continent?
In the new year, the team will try to win all the trophies it has won in the previous season, and this is what they have to do.
At the same time, the main goal is to enter the Champions’ League, and now the Blues are ready for it.
They have already strengthened their lineup, and there is no doubt that in the future they will be a real force in the European arena.
Live football scores on the reliable resource
The football season is coming, and every day there are more and more interesting matches. The attention of the fans is focused on the Champions league, and Chelsea is among the main favorites of the tournament.
This year, Chelsea has a lot to show, and we can expect a lot from them.
Among the main goals of the Chelsea players are:
1) Winning the Champions club tournament. The current season was a real test for the Blues. They lost to Barcelona in the first round, and then they managed to get into the playoffs.
However, the Champions tournament is a real competition, and in the end the team of the Stamford Bridge managed to win it. This is a great result for the club, and for the team’ players it is a personal victory.
It is also important to win in the Europa League. The last time the team won the tournament was in the 1990s.
Now, the players of Chelsea have a great opportunity to show their skills in the Champions and Europa League, because the tournament is becoming more and more important.
What are the main strengths of the current Chelsea team?
It’ s true that the team is not as strong as it was in previous seasons. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’ t win the tournament, because in the current campaign they managed it several times.
One of the most obvious strengths of Chelsea is the teamwork. The squad of this team is very close, and each of them knows the strengths of his colleagues.
Moreover, the coach of the “blues” is the famous Frank Lampard, who has managed to bring the team to the first place in the English Premier League.

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