The Portuguese had a fantastic game, scoring twice and creating several chances for the team. The team was able to score three goals in a row, and the last goal was scored by the captain. The performance of the team was really good, and it is obvious that the fans were not disappointed.
Ronaldo was a key player of the Valencia, and he had a great game, too. He scored a hat-trick, and created several other chances for his team.

The performance of Ronaldo is really impressive, and his goal against Atletico was also a great achievement. The player has long been considered one of the best football players of the world, and now he is a main star of the Spanish La Liga.
Real Madrid vs Barcelona live score
The match of the two teams will be held on the 19th of May, and you can watch it live on the sports statistics website. The game will be very interesting, because the teams have a lot of matches ahead. The main thing is that the teams will have a good game, and this will help them to get into the Champions League zone.
The main rivals of the Madrid team are the Barcelona. The Catalans are not going to lose, and they have a great chance to get to the Champions league zone. The teams have already met in the Champions cup, and Real Madrid won.
However, the Catalans have a long way to go, and their main goal is to get in the top-4 of the La liga. The Madrid team has a lot to do, too, because it has a long list of tasks ahead.
Follow the live score of the game and you will always be the first to know about the results of the confrontations.
Madrid vs Barcelona
The teams have many matches ahead, and we will see the results on the scoreboard. The first matches of the season are already becoming more and more interesting, and many fans are waiting for the next round of the Champions Cup.
At the moment, the teams are at the middle of the standings, and fans can expect a lot from them. The results of their confrontations are already starting to be known, and there is a good chance that the clubs will be able to get a place in the elite division.
You can always follow the live scores of the games and be the one to learn about the latest news.
Live score of La Liga fixtures
The season of the Italian Serie A has already ended, and its fans have already seen a lot. The most interesting games were the confrontings between Juventus and Inter. The fans have long been waiting for a confrontation between the two clubs, because they have long wanted to see a legendary player of their team in the field.
Juventus had a really good season, and if we take into account the fact that the team has already played in the Serie A for 15 years, then we can say that the club has really come of age. The players have a really high level of performance, and in many matches they were able to show their maximum.
It is easy to follow the livescore results of La ligue 1 fixtures on the website of sports statistics. The information here is updated in real time, and all fans can enjoy the results.
Inter vs Juventus
The confrontation between Juventus, which is one of Italy’s best teams, and Inter was one of its most interesting matches. The Italian team had a good season and won the Italian Cup. The club was able not only to win the tournament, but also to get the champion title.
In the summer, Inter had a lot on its plate, and a number of players were sold. The transfer of the legendary player Zlatan Ibrahimovic was particularly noteworthy, because he was not able to play for the club for a long time.
This transfer was a real success for the fans, because now they can enjoy a great football match. The livescore scores of this game will help you to learn the results and find out the information about the game.
Watch the livescores of the Inter vs Juve match
The livescoring of the match was really interesting, too; the game was won by the team of the coach Maurizio Sarri. The Inter players showed a good performance, too:
* Diallo, who was injured for a while, was able return to the field;
* Gattuso scored a goal;

* Ivanovic scored a penalty kick.
All the players scored a number, and that is why the match is called a “score”. The score of this match was 2:0, and Juventus won. The victory was a great success for Sarri, because this is his first season in charge of the club.
Now, the players have to do their best to get closer to the top 4 of the Serie a. They have a number games ahead, so we will learn the result of them.
Fans can always find out about the lives scores of their favorite games on the site of sports information.
Football results today
The football season has already started, and already today fans can see the result on the field of the matches. Now, it is much easier to follow their results.

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